Design Sleuth: Nonla Lamps from London by

Issue 90 · London Design 2013 · September 17, 2013

Design Sleuth: Nonla Lamps from London

Issue 90 · London Design 2013 · September 17, 2013

The danger of designing a custom lighting series for a restaurant? Patrons will start to take note and follow up with demands for production, as was the case with London-based Paul Crofts' Nonla Lamps, which he designed for the interiors of La Petite Bretagne (the crêperie we featured earlier today). The lamps were named after the Vietnamese word for traditional hats of a similar shape and are available individually or as a series of three.

La Petite Bretagne Crêperie in London | Remodelista

Above: Two sets of three hang over the countertops at La Petite Bretagne in west London; the lights can also be seen at Cornerstone Cafe.

Paul Crofts Studio Nonla Lamp in White | Remodelista

Above: The lamps' popularity convinced Crofts to manufacture them individually. For more information on how to purchase directly, contact Paul Crofts Studio in the UK.

Paul Crofts Studio Nonla Lamps Hang in La Petite Bretagne | Remodelista

Above: Made from white powder-coated spun aluminum with a CNC (computer numerical control) turned and routed American white oak top.

Paul Crofts Studio Nonla Trio of Lamps in Black with Red Cord | Remodelista

Above: The lamps are also available in a matte black powder-coated steel with red cords.

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