ISSUE 3  |  Italian Renaissance

Design Sleuth: Metal Clips as Art Holders

January 23, 2015 12:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

In the home of art collector and midcentury furniture dealer Demetrio Zanetti, high (velvet lounge chair, midcentury table and light) mixes well with low (metal clips as art hanging system). 

Above: Two canvases hang from metal clips nailed to the wall. Photograph by Davide Lovatti.

Above: Zanetti’s finds come directly from his own 20th-century design gallery, Demos Mobilia, in Chiasso, Switzerland. Photograph by Davide Lovatti.

Above: Vintage Binder Clips from Etsy have more character than new ones from Staples; a set of Seven Binder Clips is $15 from Pivot 180.

Above L: A pack of 100 blued steel Forged Nails is £6 ($9.07) from Objects of Use in Oxford, England. Above R: A Set of Four Hand-Forged Iron Nails is $12 from Brook Farm General Store.

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