ISSUE 52  |  Holidays at Home

Design Sleuth: Loom Rugs in Australia

December 30, 2011 7:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

A savvy reader clued us in to the source for the rug featured in Architect Visit: Leeton Pointon and Susi Leeton in Australia. The rug is part of the Hepsi collection from Loom Rugs in Victoria, Australia, owned by Doan Biligis, who previously had a thriving rug business in Istanbul. Biligis opened his store several years ago in response to a dearth of viable rug outlets in Australia. Loom Rugs stocks a dizzying array of carpets, from classic to contemporary.

Above: In the living room designed by Leeton Pointon and Susi Leeton, a Loom Hepsi Rug, made from vintage rug pieces using a traditional patchworking technique, brings a different texture into the modern space.

Above: The company offers a broad range of styles; go to Loom Rugs to view the wares.