ISSUE 13  |  Sonoma Style

Design Sleuth: Green Liv Light by Jonas Bohlin

March 29, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We like this dash of neon green in an otherwise neutral dining room spotted on Emma's Design Blogg. Designed by Jonas Bohlin, the Liv Light is made from layers of tulle and can be sourced from the Scandinavian Design Center for approximately $633. Alternatively, consider making your own: Crafty Nest offers a start-to-finish tutorial for making a Tulle Pendant Light using inexpensive components from Ikea and your local fabric store.

Above: A neon green version of Jonas Bohlin's Liv Light.

Above L: Melodi Pendant Light; $12.99 at Ikea. Above R: Neon Green Tulle is available for $3.84 a yard at Amazon. Go to Crafty Nest for a tutorial on making your own Liv Light.