ISSUE 8  |  LA Midcentury

Design Sleuth: Finnish Thick-Fringed Mohair Blankets at Trove in Laguna Beach

February 23, 2011 9:26 PM

BY Julie Carlson

In today’s Steal This Look: Pale Pink Bedroom by Alexandra Angle Design, we admired the thickly fringed mohair summer-weight blanket draped casually on the bed. Angle sourced the luxe Finnish mohair blanket in question from Trove in Laguna Beach, which has been carrying the much-coveted line for about four years. According to co-owner Heather Lee, the hand-loomed blankets are “surprisingly light in weight, very durable, and easy to care for (you can brush them with a dog brush if they get nappy).” They are also a once-in-a-lifetime investment; prices start at $1,700 for a throw. Go to Trove for ordering information.

Above: The thick-fringed, hand-loomed Finnish Mohair Blanket is available in 30 colors at Trove in Laguna Beach; prices start at $1,700 for a throw.

Above: The available color palette.