Design Sleuth: Cork Trivet by

Issue 5 · Inspired by Iberia · February 2, 2012

Design Sleuth: Cork Trivet

Issue 5 · Inspired by Iberia · February 2, 2012

In a Swedish kitchen, a bracelet of beads on the wall is actually a very functional cork trivet.

We spotted the trivet in a model kitchen designed by Leva Husfabrik, a small Swedish manufacturer of homes and hand-built furniture. Like the simple wooden homes themselves, the model interiors are filled with small personal touches. To recreate the look, you can use our instructions for DIY: Wooden Bead Trivet, or purchase one from Ferm Living.

Above: The kitchen's contrast of black and white is softened by natural wood accessories, including a cork bead trivet.

Ferm Living-Cork Ball Trivet

Above: Cork Coaster; €16 at Ferm Living. It is also available through the Danish Immigrant Museum for $20.50.

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