ISSUE 61  |  Bath & Spa

Design Sleuth: Bathtub as Sculpture

March 01, 2013 4:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Claw foot tub: your time may be up. There’s a sexy, sculpted tub designed by an Italian architect that's the new modern classic.

London- and Winchester-based designers McLean Quinlan (members of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory) use the Spoon XL by Agape to add a new dimension to the classic proportions of this minimalist bathroom. “The client loved the shape, and we felt that this unusual centerpiece created a dramatic contrast while transforming the formality of the room at the same time,” the architects say.

Photography by Leigh Simpson.

Above: With their signature quiet, modern style, McLean Quinlan create a calm retreat from busy London life in a Notting Hill bathroom.

Above: Sliding laminated glass screens control the changing qualities of light and mood in the space.

Above: McLean Quinlan used a custom blend of brown mosaic tiles to highlight both ends of the bathroom, which house the shower, toilet and double sink. "The curved edges evolved from a practical form in the shower area, which also helped emphasize the sense of a lining," the architects say. This was then reflected on the sink side to form shelves for towels and create a more pleasant scale when standing at the sinks.

Above: The Spoon XL by Agape has a shaped basin, which is tilted for optimal water distribution.

Above: Towel rails have been installed to span the width of the radiators ensuring that towels are warm and dry. White porcelain ceramic tiles have been used on the floor.

Above: The scooped-out bath shape contrasts with the minimal lines of the floors and windows.

Above: The double sinks are bespoke from a single Corian surface with oval bowls.

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