Office Visit: Evernote in Redwood City, CA by

Issue 1 · New Beginnings · January 10, 2014

Office Visit: Evernote in Redwood City, CA

Issue 1 · New Beginnings · January 10, 2014

Enhanced productivity through plants? Designed by San Francisco-based O + A, the Silicon Valley offices of Evernote feature an exuberant explosion of tillandsias against a white wall. That plus a work environment "attuned to informal collaboration, with a large communal dining room and plenty of spaces to promote casual interactions." We're guessing productivity is soaring.

Photos by Jasper Sanidad via O + A.

Above: In the reception area, tillandsias are arraying in a starburst formation against a white wall.

Above: Up close, you can see that individual tillandsias are mounted on metal plant holders. Each thigmotrope holds a single tillandsia. A steel plant hook that screws into a wall, a set of three Thigmotrope Satellites is $40 from Flora Grubb.

Evernote Silicon Valley Living Wall/Remodelista

Above: "The strict budget and swift pace of construction helped determine the direction of the design," according to the designers. "In lieu of expensive interior branding, Evernote hired chalk artist Dana Tanamachi to draft a wall-sized representation of the company's identity."

Evernote Silicon Valley/Remodelista

Above: The designers clad the reception area in Douglas fir plywood panels: "the texture and grain of which provide their own graphic patterns."

Evernote Silicon Valley/Remodelista

Above: "Adding to the informality is our placement of a coffee bar at the reception station."

Evernote Silicon Valley/Remodelista

Above: In the large communal dining room, a mix of dining chairs adds to the ad hoc feel of the space.

Evernote Silicon Valley/Remodelista

Above: An industrial take on the chandelier: cluster lights with half chrome bulbs.

Want your own vertical garden of tillandsias? Gardenista recently visited Flora Grubb to get step-by-step instructions for design and installation. Wondering how to care for your tillandsias? See Gardening 101: How to Water an Air Plant.

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