ISSUE 43  |  Lessons from Japan

World’s Most Beautiful Candles, via Japan

October 27, 2014 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Magiera Candle Studio owner Yuko Nishida trained with a master candle artisan in New Zealand before returning to Japan to open her own shop, where she produces whimsical waxen creations. The candles can be ordered directly from Magiera Candle Studio, which ships overseas.

Above: A pair of wine bottle candles via Live Door.

Above: The candles are sized to fit wine bottles (shown here in traditional candlestick holders).

Above L: A pair of swans. Above R: Take your pick, candleholder or wine bottle?

Above: Magiera Night candle.

Above: A detail from a gallery display.

Above: Magiera Specimens candles.

Above: Magiera candles on display at the Deserted Fragments exhibit at Le Grenier, in Kobe, Japan.

Above: Masako uses brightly colored wicks. Go to Magiera Candle Studio to see more and to inquire about availability.

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