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Deal of the Day: Artfully Distressed Sofas from Clarke & Reilly

May 25, 2012 9:25 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We've been coveting a sofa from Clarke & Reilly for a while now (see Design Visit: Clark & Reilly), so we took note when we saw that Anthropologie was offering pieces from the London-based design firm at a drastically reduced price.

The husband/wife duo describes their style as "unashamedly romantic and tirelessly imaginative." In addition to designing (or "dressing") glamorous yet subtly disheveled interiors, the couple also offers reimagined one-off furniture pieces. Working with artisans, the pair layers antique and vintage textiles in their designs, using fabrics like vintage linen dyed with crushed walnut shells.

To see more, go to Clarke & Reilly.

Above: The Green Cheyne Sofa with a White Finish is currently on sale for $2,999.95 (down from $5,998). Also available is the Green Cheyne Sofa with a Natural Finish for the same price.

Above: The carved hardwood sofa legs in a white lacquer (L) and natural stain (R) with the "Japaning" method of finishing wood to ensure its long-lasting quality; finished with rolling casters on the front legs.