Dark Shadows: The Bedford in Williamsburg by

Issue 25 · Bath & Spa Style · June 22, 2012

Dark Shadows: The Bedford in Williamsburg

Issue 25 · Bath & Spa Style · June 22, 2012

The brutal heat in NYC is making us want to retreat into a cool, dark, cavelike space; that's where the Bedford in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, comes in. The owners describe the restaurant's interiors as embodying "the shadowy lightness of a moonlit schoolhouse, while the rear bar area captures the dark brooding of the witching hour."

Daddo Bogich and Merle Chornuk were inspired by 1990s London gastropubs when they opened the Bedford in the premises of a massive former garage. The duo (both are musicians) are "fiercely dedicated to eclectic food and music," as they say. On Thursdays to Sundays, they've got DJs on hand playing post-punk tunes to accompany the American gastropub fare; for more information, go to the The Bedford.

Above: In the Bedford's dining room, designer Crystal Taylor used movie spotlights as lighting; the floors are reclaimed farm wood.

Above: The tables are vintage field desks used during the Korean War.

Above L: Crystal Taylor designed and commissioned the benches and chairs. Above R: A music stand holds menus.

Above: The dining spaces have an intentionally schoolroom look.

Above: The ceilings and walls are clad in restored pressed tin painted matte black.

Above: The bar is made from an I-beam and reclaimed door frames.

Above: The bar is stocked with wines from organic and bio-dynamic vineyards.

Above: Pressed tin walls add a historical note.

Above: The entrance is shaded by trees and greenery.

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