ISSUE 88  |  Low-Key Fashion

Custom Furniture for Fashionistas

September 02, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

You probably already know about Steven Alan’s new enterprise, a home shop in Tribeca. Our favorite offering from this low-key fashion designer? A series of custom sofas and side tables by Jason Pickens. The furniture collection came about when Pickens fabricated a selection of showroom pieces, which inspired the company’s vice president of design Ai Bihr to commission a home line. 

Much like the simple, workwear-inspired clothing of Steven Alan, Pickens’ furniture is as simple as it comes. Lacking the springs and webbing of traditional upholstery, the sofas are made-to-order with a customizable down-filled fabric and classic wooden base. For more information, visit the Tribeca location at 158 Franklin Street in New York or online at Steven Alan Home.

Above: For more on Pickens’ collaboration with the brand, see Kevin Sharkey’s interview with Pickens on Martha Stewart.

Above: Custom fabrics like the light brown corduroy shown here are coupled with colorful woven straps on the wooden base.

Above: A marble-topped side table with a wooden base.

Above: The upholstered portion of the sofa attaches to the wooden base with fabric loops and buttons.

Above: A simple bench displays a cushion upholstered in vegetable tanned leather.

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