Current Obsessions: Winter Storm by

Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 9, 2013

Current Obsessions: Winter Storm

Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 9, 2013

Last weekend we looked at mountain cabins; this coming week we'll be channeling Valentine's Day (for those sitting out the storm on the East Coast, stay warm!).

N.B.: See last week's posts on space heaters and low tech ideas for banishing the cold.

Budget Brownstone in Boerum Hill Photographed by Matthew Williams

Above: Inspired by this budget-conscious brownstone in Boerum Hill. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Dwell.

• LA readers, our friend Kelly Lamb will be selling her Ever Collection this Sunday, February 10th, at Mowhawk General Store.

Sheepskin Outfit Photographed by Corey Hendrickson, Remodelista

Above: Feeling the chill? Sarah is admiring Yoan's garb. Taken at the French wedding of Didier Murat and Julianne Jones, owners of Vergennes Laundry. Photograph by Corey Hendrickson.

Boulettes Larder Cleansing Pumice from Quitokeeto, Remodelista

Above: Julie is coveting everything on offer at Quitokeeto this month. Photograph by Heidi Swanson.

• Looking into the new Talstation Baiersbronn in Germany's Black Forest, equipped with geothermal heating, solar passive design, and natural ventilation.

Sleeping Alcove in an Australian Home, Remodelista

Above: Looking for an afternoon doze? Why a power nap makes you both smarter and healthier (see more lounging spaces at Architectural Detail: Built-In Reading Niches).

Valentine's Day Cards by Maki Yamada, Remodelista

Above: We're stopping by March in San Francisco this weekend for a few hand-stitched Valentine's Day cards by Maki Yamada.

• Checking out Brownstoner's look into these Bushwick apartments on Wilson Avenue.

N.B. Over at Gardenista, Michelle has rounded up 10 Ways to Survive the Storm, weekend edition.

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