Current Obsessions: Signs of Spring by

Issue 60 · Film Fest · February 24, 2013

Current Obsessions: Signs of Spring

Issue 60 · Film Fest · February 24, 2013

The temperature might be low in most of the Northern Hemisphere, but blooming magnolia and plum trees don't lie. Here's what we've been reading, watching, and making this past week:

Pitsou Kedem Architects in Israel from Yatzer, Remodelista

• Admiring the pivoting blinds of Pitsou Kedem Architects' latest project in Tel Aviv, Israel.

• Alexa appreciates the transformative power of paint (like her coffee table selvaged off the street, then painted white). She's checking out these different paint project ideas.

Porcelain Bowls Featured on Handful of Salt, Remodelista

• Sarah's enjoying the first print issue of a Handful of Salt, with its mix of craft and design, available online.

• After Jackie's advice in this week's 10 Secrets for Happy Housekeeping, we're fixated on domestic science solutions, like How to Shorten Cleaning Time.

White Moleskine Notebook, Remodelista

• Stacey is looking forward to picking up one of the new White Moleksine Notebooks as soon as possible.

• Enjoying Sight Unseen's look at Brian Ferry's Brooklyn apartment. For more of Ferry's work, see his blog, The Blue Hour, and in A Designer's Haunt in Greenwich Village.

Ashley Rose Helvey DIY TP holder, Remodelista • As we head into Bath & Spa week, Alexa has been noticing some smart DIY ideas, like this clothing hanger manipulated as a toilet paper holder (stay tuned for more ideas like this one). Photographed by Ashley Rose Helvey.

Pickled cherry blossom Remodelista

• Sylvan Mishima Brackett from Peko Peko preparing pickled cherry blossom photographed by Chloe Aftel. Sarah's excited to see the first sign of plum blossom in the garden - in anticipation of making her own Pickled Blossom this year.

• Christine was happily reminded of Le Grand Project of Renovations that began it all—the complete transformation of 18th century townhouse to Parisian industrial chic in 1928.

• Hosting friends for Oscars watching this evening? Here are 16 Fresh Ways to Dress Up a Table.

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