Crate & Barrel's Clean Slate Line by

Issue 69 · Clean Sweep · April 23, 2013

Crate & Barrel's Clean Slate Line

Issue 69 · Clean Sweep · April 23, 2013

When we first began Remodelista, one of our earliest discoveries was Labour and Wait, a small British shop that sells sensible utilitarian goods for the home. Established in 2000, the shop was one of the first to glamorize practical, utilitarian household implements that had been around forever but had become neglected in an era of plastic-handled brooms and dustpans.

Just a few years ago, these goods were hard to come by in the States, so on trips home to the UK I would fill my suitcase with natural bristle brushes and scrubbers until it was bursting at the seams. Luckily, with the renaissance of the general store, these goods are now appearing Stateside and are becoming part of the domestic landscape. To wit, Crate & Barrel's Clean Slate collection. Here's a sample of their domestic goods that have caught our eye:

tookies cleaning cloths clean slate

Above: Tookies Cleaning Cloths are hand knit in India from cotton and jute; a set of three is $16.95.

Wood drying rack

Above: Large Wood Drying Rack; $79.95.

Stainless steel bucket with wooden handle

Above: Stainless Steel Bucket with wood handle; $19.95.

Goat hair round dust brush

Above: Goat Hair Round Dust Brush by Redecker made in Germany by a family of brushmakers; $34.95.

Red dust pan

Above: Red Dust Pan with loop hanging handle; $9.95.

Redecker natural dustpan brush

Above: Redecker Natural Dust Pan Brush with horse hair bristles; $14.95.

Steele canvas laundry basket

Above: A favorite, the US-made Steele Divided Canvas Sorter on wheels; $134.95.

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