Cooking Consistency with KitchenAid® Even-Heat™ Technology by

Issue 57 · Haberdashery · January 31, 2013

Cooking Consistency with KitchenAid® Even-Heat™ Technology

Issue 57 · Haberdashery · January 31, 2013

Most of us have to get to know the temperaments of our ovens and cooktops (Which rack level offers the most even heat? On which burner do I have to position the pot to the right? How many times do I have to rotate a baking tray for evenly done cookies?).

Imagine not having to work around these quirks. Cooking consistency is just what KitchenAid has created with Even-Heat™ Technology in a collection of ovens, ranges and cooktops.


Above: The 30-inch Architect Series II Freestanding Gas Range (KGRS308BSS) also features die-cast stainless steel knobs and stainless steel cooktop.

KitchenAid Wall Oven

Above: How does Even-Heat™ work in KitchenAid's ovens? It is a true convection system that combines a bow-tie shaped baffle with a convection fan and element that thoroughly circulates heated air around all three racks to provide the most even baking. The oven also initially heats to above the set temperature to ensure that the entire cavity, including the walls and racks, are heated to the right temperature.

KitchenAid Architect Series Wall Oven

Above: The KitchenAid Architect Series II 30-inch Wall Oven (KEBS209BSS) with Even-Heat™ Technology offers the largest capacity available (5.0 cubic feet) among major brands and features an oversized viewing window. Available in black, white, and stainless steel (as shown); $3,049 to $3,349 depending on finish.

kitchenaid wall mounted oven evenheat technology

Above: Constantly guessing on temperature and time adjustments when using the convection feature of your oven? The KitchenAid Architect Series II 30-inch Wall Oven (KEBS209BSS) offers a feature that automatically adjusts traditional cooking times to convection times.

kitchenaid architect series electric cooktop

Above: The latest Architect Series II collection of KitchenAid electric, gas, and induction cooktops offers the Even-Heat™ Technology under your pots and pans. The burners are designed to spread heat uniformly across the surface. The KitchenAid Architect II 36-inch Electric Cooktop (KECC667BSS) with touch-activated controls (knobs are also available) is offered in stainless steel (shown) and black; $1,349 to $1,449 depending on finish. Four burner, 30-inch models are also offered.

kitchenaid architect series electric cooktop evenheat

Above: Finally, an electric burner that offers the performance and control similar to that of a gas burner. Designed to evenly spread heat across the entire element and prevent the hot and cold spots that can cause burning and inconsistent heating, KitchenAid's electric burners use two sets of elements to create even heat distribution.


Above: KitchenAid has also introduced gas and electric ranges that include Even-Heat™ Technology and the largest oven capacities available (6.2 cubic feet on electric models, and 5.8 cubic feet on gas models). The compact 30-inch Architect Series II Freestanding Gas Range (KGRS308BSS) offers five burners, an Even-Heat™ True Convection oven, and a convenient warming drawer with slow cooking capabilities; $1,849 in a stainless steel finish.

See what Even-Heat™ Technology can do for you.

KitchenAid Even-Heat Technology

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