Block-Printed Textiles from a New York Painter by

Issue 3 · Paints & Patterns · January 20, 2014

Block-Printed Textiles from a New York Painter

Issue 3 · Paints & Patterns · January 20, 2014

Artist Caroline Z. Hurley was first exposed to the art of block printing during a trip to Bali. Upon her return to New York City, she took her inspiration to another level and started block-printing Italian linen and other textiles. A RISD graduate and Memphis native, Hurley works as a part-time teacher and spends her evenings in her studio. She's quickly gained a following for her abstract paintings and vivid-colored linen throws, blankets, and napkins—all block printed by hand in her signature geometric patterns.

Caroline Z. Hurley Throw Blankets on Annaleena's Hem Hangers | Remodelista

Above: A collection of Hurley's Throw Blankets displayed on a set of coat hangers by Swedish blogger and designer Annaleena Karlsson.

Caroline Z. Hurley Block Printed Throw in Pink | Remodelista  

Above:  The Pick Up Sticks Linen Throw is available in sherbet pink for $140 at Caroline Z Hurley.

Caroline Z. Hurley Block Printed Table Napkins in Linen | Remodelista

Above: Hurley offers linen napkins in a variety of hand-blocked patterns. The Sticks Linen Napkins (left) and the Hannah Black on White Linen Napkins (right) are both $60 for a set of four. N.B.: The napkins are a favorite of Domino magazine's editor-in-chief Michelle Adams.

Caroline Z. Hurley Block Printed Linen Throw Blanket I Remodelista  

Above: The Heavy Weight Blanket in Trio Hannah Khaki is made from 100-percent linen; it's $200 via Caroline Z Hurley and is also available at Spartan in Austin, Texas.

Caroline Z. Hurley Block Printed Heavy Weight Linen Blanket Trio in Khaki | Remodelista

Above: A detail of the blanket shows the block-printed arrow pattern that Hurley creates by hand using non-toxic acrylic ink.

Caroline Z Hurley Nenga Linen Throw I Remodelista  

Above: The Nenga Linen Throw is made from a green-colored Italian linen and hand blocked in a diamond pattern; $140 from the Minimalist.

Textile Artist and Painter Caroline Z Hurley | Remodelista

Above: Caroline stands against her photo styling wall. For more of her work, including her paintings, go to Caroline Z Hurley.

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