ISSUE 35  |  Marrakesh Color

Color Cure: Porcelain Knobs from Emery et Cie

August 30, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

According to Agnes Emery, the Brussels-born founder of design emporium Emery et Cie (she also lives part-time in Marrakesh), "It's the little things that change everything. Details are everywhere in daily life, we're always touching them, and in most cases, they're tiresomely ugly."

She continues: "These little objects are like an insult muttered a hundred times a day, the trail of a disheartening environment pursuing us even in our private sanctuary. We have taken on these prosaic and everpresent objects such as cupboard knobs, hooks, and hinges and created an ironmongery department." We especially like Emery et Cie's Ceramic Cupboard Knobs, available in a range of deep jewel tones, with rustic copper fasteners available in bronze, gold, or silver finishes. Prices start at €5 for the smallest size; go to Emery et Cie for ordering information.

Above: The red Zinnia Knob with a brass center is $8 from Anthropologie.

Above: The Zinnia Knob in aqua are also $8 each from Anthropologie.