ISSUE 6  |  The French Connection

Chez Nous with Mr. and Mrs. Clynk

February 08, 2012 10:30 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

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Welcome to the world of Mr. and Mrs. Clynk in Nantes, where all is bright, tidy, and undeniably charming.

The Clynks are Jérôme and Karine Clynckemaillie, an interior architect and a textile designer, respectively; as Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, they design lighting, cushions, trays, totes, and other goods for the home (we discovered their brooms a while back: Domestic Science: Andrée Jardin in France), which are sold throughout France and beyond. While they maintain a low profile as advocates of simple living, the pair are well connected in the French design world: Jerome is a former project architect for legendary interior designer Andrée Putman, and stylist Aurélie Lécuyer (whose home we featured in House Call: Aurélie Lécuyer in France) is their friend and neighbor in Nantes.

They live with their two daughters in a bright home in Nantes that has the hallmarks of French living but with a modern touch. As is the case with the brooms and brushes they designed in collaboration with Andrée Jardin, the Clynckemaillies bring fresh lines—and color—to their interiors, for a look that is very France-by-way-of-Sweden. We think the result is trés charmant.

Above: The home's white backdrop shows off Clynk wares and objets d'art to good advantage. On the sofa are bright coral and blue linen pillows from Merci in Paris.

Above: Jérôme and Karine avoid statement pieces in favor of those that blend together gently. Above R: Their Lampe Camp lantern (shown here in pink, available for purchase in white) at Ma Petit Série Déco for €230.

Above: A display of graceful white pottery.

Above: A mix of white-painted wood seating and metal chairs surround a long farm table in the Clynk kitchen.

Above: A black clamp task lamp stands out against the pale blue walls.

Above: The sofa is outfitted with comfortably rumpled pillows.

Above: Lampe Tutti is a collaboration between architect Jérôme and color/texture expert Karine.

Above: A whimsical cardboard gorilla next to a tomato-red telephone.

Above: The Clynckemaillies have a heart for the pastoral: farmhouse checks and prints evoke French country living.

Above: The Mobile Oiseau, one of many child-friendly (but not childish) Clynk designs.