Chez Nous with Mr. and Mrs. Clynk by

Issue 6 · The French Connection · February 8, 2012

Chez Nous with Mr. and Mrs. Clynk

Issue 6 · The French Connection · February 8, 2012

Welcome to the world of Mr. and Mrs. Clynk in Nantes, where all is bright, tidy, and undeniably charming.

The Clynks are Jérôme and Karine Clynckemaillie, an interior architect and a textile designer, respectively; as Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, they design lighting, cushions, trays, totes, and other goods for the home (we discovered their brooms a while back: Domestic Science: Andrée Jardin in France), which are sold throughout France and beyond. While they maintain a low profile as advocates of simple living, the pair are well connected in the French design world: Jerome is a former project architect for legendary interior designer Andrée Putman, and stylist Aurélie Lécuyer (whose home we featured in House Call: Aurélie Lécuyer in France) is their friend and neighbor in Nantes.

They live with their two daughters in a bright home in Nantes that has the hallmarks of French living but with a modern touch. As is the case with the brooms and brushes they designed in collaboration with Andrée Jardin, the Clynckemaillies bring fresh lines—and color—to their interiors, for a look that is very France-by-way-of-Sweden. We think the result is trés charmant.

Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, French linen pillows, white French home

Above: The home's white backdrop shows off Clynk wares and objets d'art to good advantage. On the sofa are bright coral and blue linen pillows from Merci in Paris.

Above: Jérôme and Karine avoid statement pieces in favor of those that blend together gently. Above R: Their Lampe Camp lantern (shown here in pink, available for purchase in white) at Ma Petit Série Déco for €230.

French home, white pottery, Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, Nantes

Above: A display of graceful white pottery.

Above: A mix of white-painted wood seating and metal chairs surround a long farm table in the Clynk kitchen.

Above: A black clamp task lamp stands out against the pale blue walls.

velvet pillows, Nantes, Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, French family room

Above: The sofa is outfitted with comfortably rumpled pillows.

Lampe Tutti, Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, French lamp, French product design

Above: Lampe Tutti is a collaboration between architect Jérôme and color/texture expert Karine.

red telephone, muted red phone, vintage telephone, cardboard gorilla

Above: A whimsical cardboard gorilla next to a tomato-red telephone.

Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, French country home

Above: The Clynckemaillies have a heart for the pastoral: farmhouse checks and prints evoke French country living.

Mr. and Mrs. Clynk, mobile oiseau, bird mobile, Nantes France design

Above: The Mobile Oiseau, one of many child-friendly (but not childish) Clynk designs.

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