Chestnuts Roasting: The Ultimate Fireside Tools by

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 12, 2012

Chestnuts Roasting: The Ultimate Fireside Tools

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 12, 2012

An absolute essential tool for the winter season is the chestnut roasting pan and fork.

The wildly bearded Steve Davies is exactly the kind of man you would expect to hand forge steel fireplace tools. Ahead of his time, Davies' concern about his carbon footprint led him to sell his van and work out of a horse-drawn cart during the 1980s. He currently lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, hens, and rabbits where he forges the steel tools.

Chestnut roaster and toasting fork set

Above: The Chestnut Roaster and Toasting Fork Set is £50 from Hen & Hammock.

Iron forger Steve Davies

Above: The maker himself, Steve Davies, in the doorway of his Buckinghamshire home.

Chestnut toasting fork hand-forged

Above: The individual Toasting Fork is 26 inches long and has a small hook on the end for hanging on the wall; £24 each.

Steel chestnut roasting pan

Above: The Roasting Pan measures 6 inches in diameter and also features a 26-inch long handle; £30 for the single pan.

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