ISSUE 34  |  Children's Summer

Chairs with a Colorful Twist by Annie Coggan

August 22, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Furniture designer and artist Annie Coggan has a whimsical way with chairs; her creations are surreal yet completely functional; ideal for houses with children.

Above: Coggan's chairs have personalities of their own. Photo of Little Building Cafe by Rhine Allen.

Above: Coggan plays with scale and color as she uses an eclectic mix of furniture pieces.

Above: A railing spindle finds a new home.

Above L. In her Little Building Cafe, a display of Coggan's chairs is hung on the wall. Above R: A vintage shoe becomes the fourth leg of a painted bentwood chair. Photo of Little Building Cafe by Rhine Allen

Above: In Coggan's world, every object has new chair potential.

Above: Some reworked chairs waiting to be painted. Studio photos by Jennifer Hudson.

N.B. See Coggan’s chairs in her recently remodeled kitchen, A Kitchen in Maine, on a Minimal Budget.