Born of Friendship: Warang Wayan by

Issue 62 · Japonesque · March 7, 2013

Born of Friendship: Warang Wayan

Issue 62 · Japonesque · March 7, 2013

Yuri Tsuchiya, who loves traveling around Asia, and Masami Ishida, who loves touring Africa, met in their mid-twenties when they worked together in the same shop. Today Yuri and Masami live worlds apart, in Indonesia and Morocco. But these kindred design spirits stay connected through Warang Wayan, a joint venture featuring goods from both their favorite lands.

The name Warang Wayan is an amalgamation of these ladies' two worlds. Warang is a village in Africa, and Wayan is Yuri's husband, a woodworker and the talent behind Warang Wayan's sublime wooden collection. Made from hardwood teak, which is indigenous to the couple's Balinese home, each utensil or vessel is hand carved either by Wayan or by the local craftsmen he employs. "Born of their laughter," these quiet wooden pieces speak volumes of the bonds of those who make beauty together.

All images courtesy of OEN Shop.

Warang Wayan spoons: Remodelista

Above: Wooden spoons as well as a small dish by Warang Wayan are said to be "born of laughter" by the Balinese workers, who enjoy joking and the sound of wooden hammers. Available at OEN; $38.

Warang Wayan wooden pieces: Remodelista

Above: Adorned with only the markings of the grain and the carvers tools, Warang Wayan's pieces highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Warang Wayan bowl: Remodelista

Above: Reminiscent of a "boat without a sail" this little bowl is perfect for sugar or spices; $23.

Warang Wayan spoon and tray: Remodelista

Above: A small spoon hovers over Warang Wayan's large teak tray; $18.

Warang Wayan per teaspoon: Remodelista

Above: A pear-shaped teaspoon is perfect for ice cream and other creamy delights; $15.

Warang Wayan rice paddle: Remodelista

Above: A generous rice paddle is great for serving or stirring; $38.

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