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Required Reading: Terence Conran’s Essential Back to Basics Guides

July 14, 2010 1:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

My 1994 copy of UK design guru Terence Conran's The Essential House Book is the most dog-eared home design reference book on my shelf. Much to my delight, Conran has released a new series of updated "essentials" guides that take his back-to-basics approach to home design, decoration, and furnishing and focus on kitchens, small spaces, bathrooms, and storage.

Above L: Terence Conran's Essential Kitchens; $13.60. Above R: Terence Conran's Essential Small Spaces; $14.40, both at Amazon.


Above L: Terence Conran's Essential Bathrooms; $13.60. Above R: Terence Conran's Essential Storage; $15.60, both at Amazon.