Gift Guide: Beyond the Holiday Tip by

Issue 100 · Giving Thanks · November 27, 2013

Gift Guide: Beyond the Holiday Tip

Issue 100 · Giving Thanks · November 27, 2013

Let's be honest. What might the hair stylist, house cleaner, and babysitter want for Christmas? Cash. Everyone loves a holiday bonus, especially during the season of spending. A fistful of dollars does say thank you, but it doesn't say it very sweetly. For those folks who go the extra mile for you all year long, here are some thoughtful addendums for showing your gratitude.

To make sure we've got everyone on your list covered, we're posting a new gift guide every weekday from now until Christmas. See all of the Gift Guides to date in our archive.

Beeswax Taper Candles from Brook Farm General Store, Remodelista

Above: Beeswax Candle Tapers are the sort of thing that people love to have, but are often too thrifty to buy for themselves. These are made in the U.S.; $10 for a pair at Brook Farm General Store.

Muji slippers | Remodelista

Every time I see these slippers at Muji, I wonder who wouldn't want a pair. Above L: Cotton Cushion Slipper Brown Check; $14.95. Above R: Xingjian Cotton Jersey Cushioned Slippers, $16.25. 

Mini Mercury Christmas Ornaments Remodelista

Above: Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle? A set of 12 Mini Mercury Glass Ornaments is $15.50 from Organize and comes packaged in a white organza bag with a silver drawstring.

Vintage Linen Tea Towel Napkins, Remodelista

Above: These Vintage Napkins are made of cotton and hemp linen from Romania, and would work at just about any table; $18 each from Spartan.

Heath Bud Vase Observatory Studio Remodelista

Above: A Bud Vase from Heath Ceramics provides lasting beauty at an affordable price (and comes in six colors); $23. Photo via Observatory Studio.

Cotton Honeycomb Throw from Coyuchi, Remodelista

Above: An organic cotton throw sends a grateful message. Coyuchi's Honeycomb Throw is machine washable and comes in a a range of muted hues; $122 from Coyuchi. 

A candleholder to go with the beeswax tapers? See High/Low: Modern Metallic Candleholder.

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