ISSUE 3  |  For the Kids

Bedroom: Grown-Up Boy’s Room Accessories

January 23, 2009 10:45 PM

BY Julie Carlson

From Julie & Francesca:

A few ideas for accessorizing a woodsy-mod grown-up boy's room:

Above: Four Winds Throw; $98 at Sundance Catalog.

Above: 100 percent wool Gray Frontier Blanket; $85 at Faribault Mills.

Above: Mackinaw Blanket from Seattle-based Filson, $199 each.

Above: Bucky Deer Head; $52 at Cardboard Safari (could be used as a scarf/hat hanging venue).

Above: Circa 50 Butterfly Chair; the sturdy, steel frame is finished in black enamel and costs $175, canvas covers are $43 and come in 13 colors; leather covers are $230, spotted cowhide covers are $265.

Above: Industrial-quality brushed chrome Coat Hook Panel (also available in a 12-hook panel); $49.60 at Tree Hook.

Above: For the surrealist-in-training, the Droop Light by Kyle Cuniff of KPKC. Each one-of-a-kind light is made from a reclaimed bottle, heated in a kiln until it begins to slump. $180 at the Future Perfect in Brooklyn.

Above: The finely crafted Offi Perf Boxes are made of birch plywood boxes and stack and rotate independently, free from hardware and held in place by gravity. Designed in Tiburon, CA, the Perf Boxes are part of the permanent collection at SF MoMA. $595 at Modern Kid.