Bedroom: Exotic Bedspread Roundup by

Issue 14 · Townhouse Gardens · April 8, 2010

Bedroom: Exotic Bedspread Roundup

Issue 14 · Townhouse Gardens · April 8, 2010

After decades of making the bed with European-style duvets, we're finding bohemian textured bedspreads suddenly attractive (and more interesting), especially as warmer weather approaches.

Above: A serene bedroom from the portfolio of Susanna Vento.


Above: A bedroom at the Hotel Azucar in Veracruz, Mexico.

Above: A crochet-edged bedspread contrasts with a modern Achille Castiglioni–designed Parentesi lamp (available from Y Lighting) and an eggplant-colored wall in this restrained bedroom.

erin martin bedroom

Above: A bedroom by Napa Valley–based designer Erin Martin.


Above: A bedroom designed by From the Desk of Lola features an appealing mix of mod and ethnic elements.

Above: A delicate bed throw via the Style Files.

Above: British simplicity priestess Jane Cumberbatch drapes her own bed with a pure white spread.

Above: A bedroom in the Montauk cottage of NY-based designers Roman & Williams.

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