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Bedroom: Built-In Loft Spaces

September 08, 2011 10:34 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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When space is at a premium (especially in urban situations), a loft bed is an obvious fallback. We've rounded up some custom sleeping platform ideas to counter the obvious quick-visit-to-Ikea solutions.

Above: Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture designed this bedroom loft in an East Village studio, featuring a walk-in closet and built-in drawer storage solution. (N.B. For more, see our roundup of loft bed favorites.)

Above: In this house by Japanese architects Tas Ten Atelier, a pair of bunk beds is situated above the doorways, leaving plenty of play space beneath.

Above: A tiny corner of a Scandi residence has been annexed as a child's bedroom; the ladder doubles as shelf space; via Ferm Living. (N.B. For more space saving ideas, see these under-stair storage solutions.)

Above: London architects Stiff + Trevillion positioned a loft bed under the eaves in this Hampstead home.

Above: London-based Nina Tolstrup of Studio Mama created a free-standing sleeping platform and play space for this urban project.

Above: For a family residence in France, Paris-based h2o architectes created a custom-built loft bed that hovers above a multi-functional storage space; photo via Dezeen

Above: A girl's bedroom in France via Milk Magazine.