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Bedroom: Black and White Roundup

February 18, 2010 11:15 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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A roundup of simple, serene bedroom spaces in black and white.

Above: A bedroom in Sweden with white painted floor and black curtains; via My Scandinavian Retreat.

Above: A bedroom photographed by Vangelis Paterakis.

Above: A bedroom in Sweden by stylist Sofie Lawett, photographed by Marcus Lawett.

Above: A bedroom on Long Island designed by Jack Ceglic, via Point Click Home.

Above: A bedroom in Paris by Frédéric Méchiche, via Door 16.

Above: A modern bedroom with plaid blanket; via 1st Options.

Above: A minimalist bedroom with Noguchi lantern; photographed by Richard Powers.

Above: A bedroom in the English countryside, by Michaelis Boyd Associates.