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Bath: Closet Bath Roundup

September 16, 2010 10:15 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Here's proof that even a sliver of space can work as a bathroom, concealed behind closet style doors or a simple sliding door.

Above: A bathroom housed behind a wall of closet doors in a renovation by Studio Ina Matt (also see Architect Visit: Studio Ina Matt in the Netherlands).

Above: A bathroom concealed behind sliding doors in a project by SF architect Christi Azevado (see Architect Visit: 28th Street Carriage House by Christi Azevado).

Above: A bathroom by Texas architect Max Levy (also see Architect Visit: Max Levy in Dallas).

Above: Another bath tucked into a closet space from Studio Ina Matt, this time without doors.

Above: A bath in the Netherlands via Elle Wonen.

Above: A bath at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam.