Bath: Hanging Bucket Storage by

Issue 30 · Into the Woods · July 28, 2010

Bath: Hanging Bucket Storage

Issue 30 · Into the Woods · July 28, 2010

We like this idea for extra bath storage: a bucket suspended from the ceiling for storing odds and ends.


Above: Photo via Taverne Agency.


Above: A shower at the Hotel Azucar in Mexico, via Materialicious.


Above: The Two Gallon Galvanized Bucket by Dover Parkersburg is $5.83 at Amazon.

Above: Peddler's Design Round Wire Basket; $36 at Uptown Country.


Above: In the UK, Baileys Home & Garden offers the Galvanized Bucket for £14.50.

black-enamel-bucket.jpg cream-enamel-bucket.jpg

Above: Enamel Pails are available in sizes ranging from two to 16 quarts and a wide variety of colors; priced from $3.75 to $11.75 at the Bucket Outlet.

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