ISSUE 49  |  Contemporary Elegance

Bath: Brass Fixtures Roundup

December 10, 2009 11:15 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Noticed in stylish bathrooms lately: brass fixtures and fittings (in place of the usual chrome or nickel), which lend a distinct Old World vibe to the washroom.

Above: Jenna Lyons' bath in Brooklyn, photo by Melanie Acevedo.

Above: A contemporary stainless sink and faucet mixed with a reclaimed brass door handle; photo by Annabel Elston.

Above: An exotic bath in Europe via Kikette Interiors.

Above: A Moroccan-inspired bath; photo by Emma Lee.

Above: A bath featured on Design Sponge.

Above: Elaborately tiled baths at the Greenwich Hotel in New York.

Above two photos: A sink and a shower at the New York Ace Hotel.