Bath: Black Tile Floor Roundup by

Issue 16 · Perfect Accessories · April 23, 2009

Bath: Black Tile Floor Roundup

Issue 16 · Perfect Accessories · April 23, 2009

A brilliant idea: bathroom floors tiled in black—hides the smudges, and adds a graphic counterpoint to expanses of white tile.


Above: A bath in the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas.


Above: A Manhattan bath by Front Studio.

Above: Anna at Door Sixteen recently finished the remodel of her bath in Newburgh, New York; see the full suite of photos at Door Sixteen and read about the process at The Bathroom Floor Is Done. She says, "It took me forever to track down sanded black caulk; if you need it, Tec makes it."


Above: A classic bath at the Olde Bell Inn in the UK, designed by Ilse Crawford.


Above: A bath by Seattle-based Studio Piano Nobile.


Above: A minimalist guest bath in the UK, via Living Etc.

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