Lighting: Bare Bulb Solutions by

Issue 15 · Holiday Treasures · December 13, 2007

Lighting: Bare Bulb Solutions

Issue 15 · Holiday Treasures · December 13, 2007

Sometimes those lonely bare bulbs are in need of dressing up. Here are a few instant solutions (no hardware or electrician required).


Above: Dutch designers Ransmeier & Floyd dreamed up the DIYM (as in Do It Yourself Modern) translucent polypropylene lampshade that slips on and off—no need for any hardware. Available through Droog Design for 59 Euros; or from InForm Interior's retail store in Seattle for $95 plus shipping (206-622-1608):


Above: The Bird Pendant Light by Hung Ming Chen of Hommin Studio in Sweden is made from brass and creates magical shadow patterns on the wall; $50 at Urban Outfitters.


Above: A whimsical dress-up option is My First Chandelier, 60 Euros at Unsaleable.


Above: The El Ultimo Grito aluminum slip-on lamp shade; $121 at Plush Pod.


Above: Takeaway shade; $83 at Scandinavian Design Center.

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