Baixa House in Lisbon by

Issue 5 · Inspired by Iberia · January 30, 2012

Baixa House in Lisbon

Issue 5 · Inspired by Iberia · January 30, 2012

On a future (imaginary) trip to Lisbon, we're planning a stay in this renovated 18th-century rental apartment in Baixa House, located in the city's historic district.

The flat is located in the restored Pombalino building, a five-story masonry and timber structure constructed in the late 18th century after the 1755 earthquake, which destroyed much of Lisbon. Owned by Spanish landscape gardener Jesús Moraime, the interior was reworked by Lisbon-based José Adrião Architecto, who created 12 apartments, all of which are available to rent short term.

Many of the building's original features have been retained: the wide floor boards, the ceiling timbers, the intricate tile work (in cases where the original tiles had to be replaced, the architects used reproduction tile produced locally in Lisbon), and the window frames and doors. "The transformations were few, we only tried to restore and repair the elements that were damaged or missing," says João Albuquerque Matos. For more information, go to Baixa House (we'll be posting on the interior design later today).

Photography by Fernado Guerra + Sérgio Guerra Fotografia de Arquitectura.

Wicker chairs and minimal wood furniture in Lisbon, Portugal

A long wicker bench

A bright green-painted bench in the center of the room at a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal

A bright red task lamp

White-painted hallways in Portugal

An impressive and modern skylight

The upstairs attic loft space

Traditional sofas and chairs in the loft

A bedroom in the attic

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