ISSUE 35  |  Modern Design for Children

Back to Work: Retro Telephones

August 28, 2008 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Matt of Farmhouse Modern and Barnhouse Modern sent us a link to this reconditioned 1960s Siemens rotary telephone from Three Potato Four. At $195, it’s no bargain, but it’s been outfitted with new wiring, microphone, and cord. And it’s got a Euro retro appeal.

Below: More cheer via Urban Outfitters Classic Kitchen Phone from Crosley, a reproduction of the original Henry Dreyfuss design (based on measurements from more than 2,000 faces to determine the average distance between the mouth and ear). $54 at Urban Outfitters. See more retro phones at Crosley.

Below: Rotary Dial Phones sells both reconditioned and new (vintage but never used) dial telephones, starting at $69.99.