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Aussie Style Dining via London with Bill Granger

July 26, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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On a busy corner of Notting Hill’s Westbourne Grove, behind a reinstated Georgian façade, Granger & Co. has a relaxed and easy Australian vibe with food to match, and its popularity is evidenced by the long queues for brunch on the weekends. Working with Australian self-taught chef Bill Granger, Australian designers Meacham Nockles McQualter created an interior to reflect the nature of the food and to allow for easy gathering. “Simple and unpretentious, it was important that the restaurant didn’t feel European,” the designers say. “People love the relaxed nature of banquette seating, so we tried to get as many in as possible.”

Unless otherwise noted, photography by Mikkel Vang.

Above: The daily scenes of London roll by while the diners relax inside. 

Above: Hooks under the bar allow for easy bag storage.

Above: Hardwearing terrazzo is used as a bar surface.

Above: The designers tried to fit in as much banquette seating as possible. Image via Bluecrow Projects.

Above: The waiters wear black linen aprons.

Above: The wood frames of the chairs were constructed in the UK and woven plastic from India is used as the matting.

Above: Some examples of Granger’s simple fare—blueberry shortcake and ricotta hotcakes.

Above: A wooden acoustic ceiling keeps the conversational din to a comfortable level. Image via Bluecrow Projects.

Above Left: A full Aussie breakfast is on offer under Bill’s Classics. Above Right: Portrait by Kristin Perers

Above: Designer’s Tip: Yellow awnings alter the quality of the light and make the space warmer. “We reinstated the Georgian façade to complete the building and make it feel like the restaurant was always there,” the designers say. “We wanted the restaurant to be a good neighbor.”

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A map showing the location of Granger & Co. in Notting Hill.

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