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A Nordic-Inspired Holiday Table, DIY Candelabra Included

November 25, 2013 2:00 PM

BY Remodelista Team

Inspired by the moody atmosphere of Noma in Copenhagen, I set out to create a tabletop with a muted Nordic palette for my next dinner party. Noma-style, I draped my dining chairs in sheepskin and covered the table in a canvas drop cloth topped with a wool runner. Working with a muted palette of grays and blues, I realized I needed something metallic (and inexpensive) to add a bit of glimmer to the tablescape. That’s what led me to the plumbing aisle at The Home Depot.

Finished Look

Above: The subdued colors of the table are offset by a brassy gleam. Original photography shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR. The filmmaker’s camera.

Above: The table is layered with a natural gray wool runner over a painter’s drop cloth (for a more formal party, be sure to iron out the creases–for this dinner, I liked their casual look.)

The Elements

Above: The ingredients for my Nordic table: white plates, Spanish Wine Glasses, flatware, black linen napkins, candles and candelabra parts, eucalyptus stems, and Suede Pot Holders (for the roasting pan to rest on).

Above: To create my DIY candelabra, I used three 1/2 Inch Brass Pipe Coupling pieces ($6.98) and two 1/2 Inch Brass Pipe FPT Caps ($5.85 each). Sourced from The Home Depot, they remind me of the recent geometric brass trend dotting the tables of bloggers everywhere, but for a fraction of the price.

Above: I shaved down candles in gray and natural beeswax to fit into the holders, then I created a platform for them by stacking two wooden canister lids–no gluing required; the pieces disassemble for easy storage.

Above: I snipped handfuls of eucalyptus to sprinkle around the table, a hint of color and fragrance that completes the setting. 

Alexa Hotz