ISSUE 17  |  The Artful Life

At Home with Brian Ferry of the Blue Hour

April 24, 2012 10:30 PM

BY Justine Hand

On our radar for some time now: the atmospheric shots of Brooklyn-based photographer Brian W. Ferry, in particular his "home" series.

When Brian Ferry photographs interiors, it is not so much the sweeping architecture or fabulous furniture that draws his attention. Rather, he hones in on the more everyday. As Ferry himself puts it, "I'm very conscious of the things I choose to surround myself with… that help to create a sense of 'home' no matter where I may live." It is these well-loved personal households that Ferry documents in his "home" series—part of last year's group exhibit in London, Other People's Houses. For the exhibit, Ferry abstracted these items outside of their natural environment to create the evocative still-lifes seen here.

N.B.: To Brian Ferry's work for Remodelista, see A Designer's Haunt in Greenwich Village.

Above: "Kitchen Detail"

Above: "Glasses"

Above: "Window"

Above: "Spoons"

Above: "Lamp"

Above: "Kitchen Tools"

Above: "Ercol"

Above: "Pillows"

Above: "Antlers"

N.B.: You can see more of Ferry's work, as well as his complete "home" series, at Brian W. Ferry and on his blog, The Blue Hour. Ferry also just completed an exhibition is LA titled, "This Is What Was Once All Yours." Photos from the exhibit are now available at Standard Goods in LA.