At Home with a Dutch Artist by

Issue 38 · The Low Countries · September 19, 2012

At Home with a Dutch Artist

Issue 38 · The Low Countries · September 19, 2012

For one Dutch artisan, riotous color and zen minimalism are not a contradiction in terms, as long as you apply a large dose of personality as your uniting principle.

Housed in an 1880s water tower, Ingrid Jansen’s home presents an eclectic mix of classical architecture, modern minimalism, and bohemian craft. Jansen's own creations, which she sells at Wood and Wool Stool, are evident throughout. The house is a veritable tapestry of her own varied experiences, full of color and collections, textures and treasures, yet with a restraint, an editing principle that also values down-time and quiet spaces—comforting but never busy, feminine but not saccharine.

To see more of Jansen's work, go to Wood and Wool Stool; you can also find her on Etsy.

Above: A pair of orange chairs paired with a rustic wood work table, topped with jolly ranunculus.

Ingrid Jansen zen living room

Above: Ingrid's ever-changing living room on a zen day.

Ingrid Jansen living room

Above: Another garland makes for a bright, but minimal burst of color in the living room; $40.

Ingrid Jansen avenue mags

Above: A red striped pillow compliments Ingrid's collection of vintage Avenue magazines.

Ingrid Jansen vase collection

Above: Ingrid's extensive collection of vintage pitchers and vases stand ready for the next bouquet.

Ingrid Jansen bedroom

Above: Ingrid's zen bedroom still sports touches of the feminine and handmade.

Ingrid Jansen souvenirs

Above: Mementos from her travels: Ingrid's collection of hotel signs make for clever decor, while on the dining room wall hangs a souvenir from Ile de Ré, purchased at Marie & Benoit.

Ingrid Jansen clothes

Above: When your clothes are this lovely, all the better to store them in the open on a vintage, industrial rack.

Ingrid Jansen flowers and bath

Above L: One of Ingrid's ever-changing flower arrangements is even more playful in a pink tea pot. Above R: In the bath, soft, stony grays and ivories from one of Ingrid's own stools are carried out throughout the room; $108.

Ingrid Jansen party and dining decor

Above: Decor for an outdoor party includes Ingrid's own crocheted garland, while inside dahlias brighten up the kitchen table.

Ingrid Jansen summer party

Above: More color and whimsy: Ingrid designed a colorful table setting for a festive summer dinner.

Ingrid Jansen pinks

Above R: Bits of pink: inspiration is tacked to a homemade wall with bits of washi tape. Left: One of Ingrid's post cards is addressed with a whimsical fish pen; $7 for a set of five.

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