ISSUE 39  |  London Teatime

Artist Visit: New from Sam Orlando Miller

September 26, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We first admired the work of UK artist Sam Orlando Miller at last year's SF 20th Century Modernism Show (see Accessories: Sam Orlando Miller); so we headed straight to the Hedge booth at this year's SF20/21 show in hopes of seeing something new. We weren't disappointed: Miller's latest piece is made from bronze with a jewel-like green patinated mirror, which refracts shards of light off its faceted surface. In the US, Sam Orlando Miller's work is available through Steven Volpe's Hedge Gallery in San Francisco.

N.B. To read a recent interview with Sam Orlando Miller, go to You Have Been Here Sometime.

Above: Miller's Untitled Mirror 7 is made from bronze with a patinated green mirror.

Above: A detail of the faceted green patinated mirror.

Above three photos: Miller's new Untitled Chandelier 3, made of steel and gold bronze.

Above: Untitled Mirror 8 in patinated olive green mirror with etched steel base.