ISSUE 84  |  In the Art Studio

A London Artist at Home

August 07, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

We’ve admired the work of artist Sue Williams A’Court for some time now, perhaps because we share her love for organic shapes and pastels. 

Sue Williams A’Court began as an illustrator and morphed into a full-time painter a few years ago. She exhibits her work around the world as well as from her home/studio in London, which she shares with her husband, Andy (an animator), and 12-year-old son Finlay. She draws inspiration from a large collection of art books and magazine cut-outs she has gathered throughout the years, and keeps them close at hand in her studio. If you’re in London and interested in her artwork, stop by the “Summer Exhibition” at the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. For more information, visit Sue Williams A’Court’s website and shop

Photography by Sarah Hogan.

Above: Williams A’Court’s light-filled studio, which is located on the top floor of her home. 

Above: Williams A’Court at work in her art studio. 

Above: She often invites guests to her home for art shows. 

Above: A work area of art supplies. 

Above L: Color splattered wood floor. Above R: A collection of rocks with text. 

Above: Willams A’Court’s living room, featuring one of her wall-hung art pieces. 

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