ISSUE 36  |  The British House

Artful Wooden Spoons from Hope in the Woods

September 10, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Here’s what our new favorite spoon carver has to say: “My name is Luke Hope and Hope in the Woods is my journey from an office, where I’ve spent most of my working life, out into the woods.” Hope recently started whittling wooden spoons by hand, “working with organic material, revealing natural form, and creating and blending new lines and shape.” Sculpture or utilitarian kitchen accessories? We think both.

Above: The Large Maple Spoon has a deep bowl and angled handle with a tight grain and is finished with raw linseed oil and beeswax; £70 ($107.53).

Above: The Rustic Campfire Eating Spoon with burned end handle and leather loop is £45 ($69.12).

Above: The Porcelain Coral-Edge Bowl and Walnut Spoon is £50 ($76.81).

Above: The Cosmo Cake Slice, made from dark American walnut, was inspired by Luke’s sons’ “love of baking”; £50 ($76.81).

We also like Hand-Carved Kitchen Implements from Hatchet & Bear, another UK utensil company dabbling in kitchen utility.