Artful Crochet from Belgium by

Issue 38 · The Low Countries · September 18, 2012

Artful Crochet from Belgium

Issue 38 · The Low Countries · September 18, 2012

Fresh from Belgium, crocheted pot holders and cushions that bridge the gap between utility and art.

A life-long crafter, textile artist Renilde de Peuter always begins with a story. From there, this graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp lets the materials (often recycled bits and pieces) guide her. The results of this extemporaneous approach are original textiles that, though functional, are full of character and personality—potholders that remind us of celestial orbs and cushions reminiscent of textured landscapes. Is it any surprise that even the name of Renilde's label—At Swim Two Birds—is poetic?

At-Swim-Two-Birds blue potholders

Above: This selection of blue potholders and many other goods by Renildle are available at Mr. Kitly, KNOTS, Atelier Shop, Fine Little Day, and by emailing her directly; $32 each.

At-Swim-Two-Birds cushion in kitchen

Above: One of Renilde's original hand-crocheted cushions provides a splash of color in Renilde's own kitchen. Similar cushions are available at Mr. Kitly and KNOTS pop-up shop at London Design week; $198.

At-Swim-Two-Birds potholders

Above: Renilde's potholders range from modestly adorned pieces to bolder options sporting knobs and pom poms. See her flickr feed for the full collection.

At-Swim-Two-Birds black and grey potholder

Above: Minimalists may prefer Renilde's striking black and white pot holder.

At-Swim-Two-Birds crocheted cushion

Above: Renilde's patchwork cushions like this one are inspired the images around her: an antique photo, the view from the terrace, or the colors of the season.

At-Swim-Two-Birds orange ring potholder

Above: You can follow more of Renilde's work at her blog.

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