ISSUE 36  |  Minimalist Glamour

Architectural Hardware from a Japanese Artisan

September 02, 2015 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We’ve long been fans of Futagama, a Japanese collective founded in 1897 that makes brass artifacts in the Buddhist tradition, with a focus on producing household accessories made of brass alloys. The company recently launched Matureware, a new line of architectural hardware that includes brass switchplates, door handles, plaques, and more. The name, according to the company, “is a play on hardware, with an emphasis on the idea that due to the brass casting process the products will develop an aged, or ‘mature,’ patina over time.” It’s still early days; go to Matureware for pricing and sourcing information.

Above: The product line is a collaboration between Oji Masanori and Yoshiki Yamazaki and includes shelving as well as light switches. Shown above: The In Response Shelf and the four-toggle Switch Plate. Contact Matureware directly for pricing.

Above: A selection of the offerings.

Above: World’s most elegant Nameplate?

Above: Lever Handles are available in a variety of configurations.

Above: Switch Plates can be customized according to use.

Above: A side view of the In Response shelf.

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