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10 Favorites: Architectural Hardware as House Jewelry

February 22, 2013 2:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

It used to be that when my husband was in the doghouse, the peace offering would be a pair of earrings from our favorite jeweler, Ted Muehling (we’re talking serious doghouse).

These days, I ask for architectural hardware–in other words, jewelry for the house. In my newly found maturity (less vain, less selfish, and less self-centered), I realize that house jewelry is a much better investment; to be enjoyed by all on a regular basis, including the husband. Here are the top ten favorites on our list.

Above: The simple, sculptural Cabinet Knob from UK company Izé.

Above: A graceful, handcrafted brass Door Handle by Van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware from Belgium.

Above: A Brass Lockset inspired by those found in historic homes by Van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware from Belgium.

Above: Brass Lama Door Handle, designed by Gio Ponti; via Olivari.

Above: A continuous piano hinge can add a subtle accent. For sourcing information, see Elegant Piano Hinges.

Above: A perfectly proportioned Door Pull by by Van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware from Belgium.

Above: Whenever Justine visits her friend Marnie, she eyes up this egg shaped Brass Door Knob from Baldwin.

Above: Mixing gold and silver is no longer taboo, this goes for personal jewelry as well. Photograph by Annabel Elston via World of Interiors.

Above: The 4-inch diameter door pull (catalog no: 4000PM) from the Vervloet Contemporary Collection at New York-based E. R. Butler is an heirloom piece.

Above: Handcrafted brass Saucer Pulls and Key Pull by New York artist Carl Martinez.

Above: Two Plant Hooks shown in situ at the Coqui Coqui spa in Mexico (photo via The Selby).

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