Architect Visit: Lode Architecture in Normandy by

Issue 31 · Pacific Northwest Living · August 3, 2010

Architect Visit: Lode Architecture in Normandy

Issue 31 · Pacific Northwest Living · August 3, 2010

Designed by Jérôme Vinçon of Lode Architecture, this small pitched-roof house near Honfleur might echo other Normandy cottages on the exterior, but the comparison ends there. The structure, which the architects call a "deluxe shed," was designed as a weekend retreat rather than as a conventional family home. On the ground floor, large square windows frame views of the surrounding meadows, and a galley kitchen opens onto a deck. The main living space is anchored by an Italian-made LTT Illuminated Bathtub (available at Generate Design) positioned next to a wood-burning stove. Upstairs in the sleeping loft, built-in children's bunks are protected by industrial netting. In order to keep costs down, interior walls are clad in unfinished plywood and floors are covered in black rubber, which is great for insulation and sound proofing. Minimally furnished, this house is proof that style and a tight budget can coexist. Photos by Daniel Moulinet for Wallpaper and from Lode Architecture.

Honfleur Exterior 2



Lode Architects Honfleur 4






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