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A Stable Reborn in Rural Norfolk

July 15, 2013 9:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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A ruined 19th-century stable block serves as the basis for David Kohn’s Stable Acre dwelling, with interiors that are a masterful blend of ancient and modern.

London-based David Kohn was named 2009 Young Architect of the Year by Building Design Magazine; in 2010, he won a follow-up award as One-Off House Architect of the Year for his Stable Acre House for gallery owner Stuart Shave in Norfolk. Kohn, who studied architecture at Cambridge University and at Columbia as a Fulbright Scholar, has been heading up his own practice since 2007; before that, he worked at Caruso St. John, a leading London firm. For more information, go to David Kohn Architects. Photos by Ioana Marinescu.

Above: Shave’s collection of midcentury furniture is perfectly at home in the open-plan living area.

Above: Throughout the project, Kohn used custom steel Crittall Windows (see Walls, Windows & Floors: Steel Window and Door Fabricators).

Above: Polished concrete floors evoke memories of the building’s origins as a utility barn.

Above: Rows of succulents create a greenhouse feel.

Above L: A farmhouse sink is inset in the wood counter; a narrow skylight brings filtered light into the kitchen. Above R: A long vintage dining table.

Above: Simple wood cabinetry and a rustic wood table warm the otherwise stark white brick kitchen.

Above: Kohn inserted aedicules (niches) throughout the interior.

Above: Kohn created a geometric brick entryway and a brick cutout corner fireplace.

Above: In the bedroom, a tasseled Moroccan bedspread adds a note of whimsy in the otherwise monastic space.

Above: In the bath, Kohn left the plumbing exposed.

Above: Kohn used purpleheart cladding reclaimed from a Thames pier on the house’s exterior.

Above: Heavy oak stable doors can be closed during colder weather.

Above: The doors open onto an enclosed entryway.

N.B. This post is an update; the original ran on November 15, 2010.