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Architect Visit: Burd Haward in London

June 07, 2010 10:15 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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Catherine Burd and Buddy Haward studied architecture together in the eighties, then each went their own way to work with several established British architects. In 1998, they set up Burd Haward Architects, currently based in London's Primrose Hill neighborhood. Their work encompasses a wide range of projects, including schools, art buildings, commercial developments, and residential housing. Their designs have gained critical acclaim for their conceptual clarity, refreshing simplicity, and innovative use of materials (Burd Haward's 2009 Forge Arts and Cafe Caponata building recently won the 2010 Riba Winner Award). To see more of the firm's work, go to Burd Haward Architects.

Above: The Green Room, a self-assembly pre-fabricated garden den for a writer, features a wire mesh overlay on the external walls; plants will grow over it, eventually covering the building in greenery, leaving only the windows visible. The entire project cost £5,000.

Above: For the Osteria Emilia in Hampstead, Burd Haward created a new shop front and raised the existing ceiliing, creating a lofty interior space lit by skylights.

Above: Images from a selection of residential projects.