ISSUE 45  |  Scandinavian Rustic

Architect Visit: Boathouse by Tyin Tegnestue in Norway

November 07, 2011 11:30 AM

BY Lydia Lee

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Spotted on Designboom, a summer boathouse in Norway that is at once rustic and futuristic (indeed, it looks like it was rendered by a particularly ingenious video-game designer for a Myst-like fantasy world). No fantasy this: the boathouse is the work of a Norwegian architecture firm called Tyin Tegnestue, located in the township of Aure on the Norwegian coast. The architects dismantled an existing 1800s boathouse and created a new building that retains the simple form of the original with a wall of gull-wing-style panels that open the space up to the breeze. We like this direction that architecture is taking: classic forms, reclaimed materials, and modern functionality.

Photography by Pasi Aalto.

Above: The building is striped with light, thanks to floor-to-roof-peak windows.

Above: The side facing the deck is composed of individual panels, lined with cotton canvas, which swing up to form an awning.

Above: Salvaged paneling lines the interior of the new, steel-framed structure; the windows were reclaimed from an old farmhouse.

Above: A hanging fire pit provides extra warmth on chilly days.

Above: The building sits lightly on the original bedrock.

Above: A detail of the steel fittings that anchor the paneled windows.

Above: The Norwegian pine cladding is designed to weather to a gray patina.