ISSUE 12  |  Inspired Seating

Architect Visit: Bestor Architecture Floating Bungalow in LA

March 26, 2010 10:15 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

The Floating Bungalow in Venice, CA, by Bestor Architecture demonstrates all the restraint, craftsmanship, and functionality of a Japanese house mixed with an unbridled So Cal creative vibe in the use of industrial materials and color throughout. Barbara Bestor says her mission was to "build a new house that is a modernist contemplation and reinterpretation of the working class bungalows that have long defined this area. The house seeks to appear dreamlike, as if a typical bungalow had been abstracted, dipped in white, and lifted in the air to allow a loftlike public floor to slip in below." N.B. For more images, consult the March issue of Dwell.